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PVC-U drainage pipes bottle reducing tee
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PVC-U drainage pipes bottle reducing tee





Tensile yield strength MPa


Vicat softening temperature ℃


Methylene chloride immersion test

Surface changes are not inferior to 4L

TIR drop hammer impact test


Longitudinal reversion rate,%


Vicat softening temperature ℃


Oven test

No blistering and cracking

Drop test

No rupture

Main purpose:
Water works, sewer works, salt works.

1, corrosion resistance, unaffected by corrosive soil and a variety of drinking water;
2, smooth wall, small frictional resistance than conventional materials;
3, pipes and fittings never rust, so its internal erosion and contraction will not change;
4, building facades will never rust and contamination due to the pipeline to ensure that the value of buildings is not impaired;
5, pipe fittings styles, complete, may be suitable for a variety of design and installation requirements;
6, easy installation, no regular maintenance;
7, a weight of the cast iron pipe fifth, easy to transport and operate;
8, using glue adhesive, quick and easy, cost-effective;
9, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic;
10, can be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids and bases;
11, from germs;
12, anti-termite, resistance to weathering;
13, cheaper than conventional materials prices;
14, under normal conditions of use life of up to 50 years.

Prior to pipeline installation, you should understand the structure and composition of the building, the familiar design drawings and construction programs and drainage works and civil works with the measure.
Riser pipe shall be required to set up a cross expansion joints and mounting bracket, tube end into the expansion joints at the gap reserved for: Summer 5-10㎜ winter 15-20㎜.
Pitch pipe support member, an outer diameter of 50 mm risers should not exceed 1.5m, an outer diameter of 75mm and above should not exceed 2m.