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FIBC bag ,ton bag
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FIBC bag ,ton bag

Product Description:
Also known as FIBC, tons of bagging, space bags, English translation variety, FIBC, is a kind of appliance mounted unit, together with the crane or forklift, you can achieve container unit of transport, it applies to shipment bulk powder materials in bulk. Container is a flexible transport containers, widely used in food, grains, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals and other powdery, granular, massive transport packaging materials, widely used in developed countries as a transport container bags, warehousing and packaging products.

Standard Specifications:
China's Container Standard: Perform the GB / T10454-2000, which is adapted from the old standard GB / T 10454-1989, China Container Container standard specifies the classification structure, technical requirements and test requirements.
This standard applies to the volume between (0.5-2.3) m3, load between (500-3000) kg bulk bags.
Japanese standard: jis z1651-1988
British Standard: bs6382
Australian Standard: as3668-1989
European standards: EN1898-2000 and EN277-1995
European FIBC Association Standard: EFIBCA standard
Which AS3668-1989 reference to BS6382 standard, both are more similar; ENl898-2000 and EFIBCA contents are basically the same; Japanese standards JISZl651-1988 pilot project is relatively similar to our FIBC standard GBl0454-2000.

Product Process:
Container is polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of stability uniformly mixed condiments, through an extruder melt extrusion of plastic film, cut wire, then stretched, stereotypes produced by hot high-strength low-elongation rate of PP raw silk, and then by textiles, lamination made of plastic woven fabric, and sewn back straps and other accessories made tons of bags.

Container Precautions in handling and transportation job
1. Do not stand in lifting operations in the following FIBC.
2, set the hook hanging strap or sling hanging in a central location, not oblique hanging, suspended or stayed single hanging Container.
3. Do not work with other items friction or collision Container hooked.
4. Do not pull the tape back to the outside.
5, Container forklift operations, please do not make contact with a fork or tie to the bag to prevent the punctured container bags.
6, in the workshop handling, to make use of pallets, avoid using hanging Gouzhuo container bags, side sway side to handle.
7, in the loading, unloading and stacking must maintain Container upright.
8. Do not Container upright.
9. Do not be on the ground or concrete Container dragged.
10, a last resort when the outdoor storage, bulk bags should be placed on the shelves, and be sure to use an opaque shade cloth, tightly covered container bags.
11. After use, paper or opaque shade cloth will FIBC wrap, stored in well-ventilated