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Weed cloth
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Weed cloth

1, high strength, since the plastic plate, in the wet state can be maintained a sufficient strength and elongation.
2, corrosion, different pH of soil and water can corrode in permanent resistance.
3, the flat permeable Fortunately gap between yarns, which have good water permeability.
4, a good anti-microbial resistance of microorganisms, insects are not compromised.
5, construction convenient, due to the light material, soft, so transporting, laying, to facilitate construction.
6, high fracture strength, up to 20KN / m or more, good creep resistance, corrosion resistance.

1, Width: the narrowest width 60 cm, 6 m maximum width, the width can be customized.
2. Length: 1M- km, can be customized according to customer requirements.
3, Weight: up to 80 grams minimum, the maximum can reach 400 grams.
4, Color: mainly black, green-based, other colors can be customized.

Gardening and cloth, also known as "anti-linen", "ground knitting film", "ground pellicle", mainly used to prevent grass greenhouse ground, drainage, keeping the floor clean, ground signs as a reference.
Applicable anti-grass, landscaping, irrigation, dams, highways, airports, construction, environmental engineering, land reclamation, and can play a filtration, drainage, isolation, protection, reinforcement effect.

1, in order to prevent the generation terrestrial weeds. Since the ground cloth to prevent direct sunlight (especially black ground cloth) on the ground, taking into account its rugged ground cloth to prevent weeds through the ground cloth advantage, thus ensuring the inhibition of the growth of the weed cloth.

2, promptly remove ground water, keeping the floor clean. Drainage performance and cloth, to ensure the rapid discharge of groundwater, plus sand and gravel, underground cloth can effectively inhibit reverse osmosis soil particles, thereby ensuring the fabric surface clean.

3, is conducive to the growth of plant roots and prevent root rot. This effect can also be woven cloth by laying structure, which can ensure water does not produce the root crop, so that the root has a certain air flow, thus preventing root rot.

4, in order to prevent other potted plant root growth and improve the quality of flowers. When the ground cloth as the cloth flower production, on the ground to prevent pelvic basin crop root penetration into the ground, thus ensuring the quality pot.

5, is conducive to development and management: When most ground cloth woven unidirectional or bidirectional flag line, placed in a greenhouse or outdoor pots or growing media arrangements can be precisely arranged according to these flags line.