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E-type transformer core
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E-type transformer core

The transformer iron core is the main part of the magnetic circuit. Usually consists of a high silicon content, coated with insulating paint hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel plates stacked together. Core and a coil wound thereon to form a complete electromagnetic induction system. Power transmission power transformer size, depending on the core material and cross-sectional area.

Category Description:
1, High-frequency categories: iron core Ferritecore
  Ferritecore for high-frequency transformer which is a ceramic body having a spinel crystal structure, such spinel iron oxide and other bivalent metal compounds such as kFe2O4 (k represent other metals), is often used at present the metals are manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni), magnesium (Ng), copper (Cu).
Its common combinations such as Mn-Zn (MnZn) series, nickel-zinc (NiZn) series and magnesium zinc (MgZn) series. Such materials have high permeability and impedance of the physical properties, the use of the frequency range from 1kHz to over 200kHz.

2, Low-frequency categories: silicon (LAMINATION)
Silicon for low-frequency transformer, its many types, according to their production process can be divided into A: calcination (black pieces), N:. No calcination (white sheet) according to their different shapes can be divided into two kinds: EI type , UI, C-type, in the mouth.

Mouth-type silicon often use large power transformers, it is good insulation properties, easy to heat, while short magnetic circuit, mainly for power greater than 500 ~ 1000W and power transformers. Composed by two C-type silicon steel sheet called a CD-type silicon, silicon with CD-type power transformer produced under the same conditions of cross-sectional area, the more the higher the window.

The greater the power transformer. Can be installed on both sides of the iron core coil respectively, so the transformer turns on both lines can be assigned to the package, so that the average length of the turns of each line package short coil of copper consumption is reduced. Also, if the requirements of two symmetrical coils are wound on both line package, can be completely symmetrical effect. Composed by four C-type silicon steel sheet called a wide-shaped transformer shape Chengbian ED type silicon .ED type silicon made under the same conditions as ED-type power transformer shorter than some CD-type transformers, width bigger, additionally installed in the silicon steel sheet in the middle since the coil, an outer magnetic circuit, and therefore magnetic flux leakage, the smaller the overall interference, but it all the coils are wound on a line package, thick line package, so the average turn length is longer copper consumption is large.

C-core transformer excellent performance produced by the small size, light weight, high efficiency, the assembly point of view, C-type silicon parts rarely, versatility, and therefore high production efficiency, but the more C-type silicon manufacturing processes more, make more complex, required special equipment manufacturing, which currently has a higher cost.

E-type silicon, also known as shell-type or date-type silicon, its main advantage is the primary and secondary coils together a wire frame, with high windows account (duty factor Km space factor: copper net cross-sectional area and the window area ratio); silicon to form a protective shell on the winding, the winding less susceptible to mechanical injury damage; while silicon larger cooling area, but it is less divergent magnetic transformer primary to secondary leakage inductance is large, too large external magnetic interference Furthermore, because the average winding circumference longer, the number of turns in the same conditions and the core cross-sectional area, EI type iron core transformer used copper more.

The commonly used silicon steel sheet thickness 0.35mm, 0.5mm two kinds.
Silicon assembly methods are overlapping method and the two were stacked. Overlap method is to open one silicon alternately distributed on both sides, which were stacked too much trouble, but the small silicon gap reluctance small conducive to increasing the flux, so the power transformer are using this method. to stack method commonly used in DC current through the occasion, in order to avoid causing a DC current saturation, need to leave a gap between the silicon, so the stack method E and I slice each piece aside, the gap between the two pieces of paper can be used to adjust.

3, COIL categories: three types.
A.TOROID toroidal: O-laminations made from silicon or winding cores for winding from this is very difficult.
B.RODCORE plunger.
C.DRUMCORE: drum-shaped core.

Grounding points:
1, A separate set an iron yoke clamps ground lead. Because if you happen across a core multi-point grounding clamps cause failure, ground current is flowing inside the core clamps, core grounding lead no current flows, will lead the staff mistakenly believe that the core without failure; Once set, no matter what position the core clamps are met by two external leads constitute a ground loop, so that it can correctly detect the external ground current.

2, the core sheet is placed in the ground cross section of the iron yoke intermediate position. This placement, regardless of the yoke pull bolt with insulated ground fault anywhere and at what position, the maximum induced voltage circuit voltage of only 1/4 turn, then the maximum ground current and only a few amps around, the more cores when the grounding plate placed in other locations to be much smaller.

3, If you do because on-site installation and other issues need to be inconvenient core grounding plate placed at other locations, should also be insulated iron yoke ground lug bolts and pull the belt placed diagonally, so that you can prevent large currents.