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Acrylic Pole
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Acrylic Pole


Custom multi-style high quality acrylic pole


Product Description


We produces various rods of different sizes from 3mm-300mm. It includes solid rods, line rods, air bubble rods, square rods, irrgular rods and hollow rods ( Shape can be customized according to drawings ). Through a complete heat treatment processes, we reduce stress and enhance processing stability. The product has good tensile strength and less tolerance. In order to ensure the high level of transparency, we used German optical-grade raw materials, strictly controlled production process, to ensure the purity of the material, while also greatly enhance the product quality. Currently, rods products are increasingly used in the lighting, building, house deco, advertising, and the other different functions.



 Below dimensions are small part of our inventories, welcome to inquire more specifications.

   Φ 3       Φ 4       Φ 5       Φ 6       Φ 7       Φ 8       Φ 9       Φ 10       Φ 15       Φ 20   
   Φ 25       Φ 30       Φ 35       Φ 40       Φ 45       Φ 50       Φ 55       Φ 60       Φ 65       Φ 70   
   Φ 75       Φ 80       Φ 85       Φ 90       Φ 95       Φ 100       Φ 105       Φ 110       Φ 115       Φ 120   
   Φ 125       Φ 130       Φ 135       Φ 140       Φ 145       Φ 150           



Inventory Environmen

  Sealed storage, keep the rod surface clean.

  Placed on shelves without light, in order to prevent the material's aging

  Stored rods by horizontal.

  Classify rods by different specifications, delivery quickly.



Product Stability


 Select international material brands of Germany and Japan.

 We have professional experience of the same series materials for 8 years. It helps us to ensure material's stability.



 Using an extruding machine of better plasticization, can make a fuller integration of plasticized materials.

 According to ISO Quality Control System to record the technology processing, all of product information can be traced. We strictly enforce the process, to ensure the product's consistency.

 Technology Department will analyse the feedback datas, constantly improve the technical maturity and quality stability.



 The product should pass five full-parametric test and a fully parametric sampling which from production to delivery, thus ensure product quality standards conforms with company's standards.

 Customer's special requirements will be joined and strictly enforced in the inspection standards, to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products.



 Annealing treatment of multiple materials can maximize removed the material's stress. In the latter of processing applications, materials can be more stable and durable.

 Each product has passed the STRESS TEST to ensure its stress in qualified ranges, reducing the risk of cracking and discard which caused by stress in the processing.



Packaging & Shipping


Generally we use PE package or stretch film to wrap each rod, a number of rods are put in a carton box for shipping. We use high quality paper to produce a variety of cartons, try to reduce the damage in transportation.