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China CCPIT Chairman: work together and draw a new vision for the Asia-Pacific
Source:People's Daily | Author:wxyanyang | Published time: 2014-11-05 | 1161 Views | Share:
       APEC CEO Summit is the business meeting of the Asia-Pacific region's most influential. This year's APEC CEO Summit will be held in Beijing November 8 to 10. The reporter interviewed the president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Jiang Zengwei.

  Reporter: Why is the business community is to promote an important force in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?

  Jiang Zengwei: APEC cooperation with a flexible, open and other prominent feature, creating a good environment for all members of the business community to participate in regional cooperation, and facilitate policy also provides a number of opportunities for Chinese enterprises to strengthen international cooperation and expand the international market.

  APEC affairs and the business community to participate in the Asia-Pacific regional economic integration is the main platform for the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). ABAC commissioned by the APEC leaders' meeting, the representative of the Asia-Pacific business community advisory recommendations to APEC's development, and during the APEC CEO Summit and the leaders of each member of the dialogue proposed by the ABAC representatives of business community leaders to members recommendations and aspirations.

  Reporter: Review the business community to participate in APEC Economic Affairs of history, the business areas in which it plays an important role?

  Jiang Zengwei: first, to promote trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific business community to accelerate the process of building the Asia-Pacific free trade zone. Over the years, business representatives participate actively in APEC Senior Officials' Meeting and other related meetings with senior officials of the economies of the Asia-Pacific free trade zone on the dialogue and submit an annual report to the leaders of all relevant recommendations, actively promote the FTAAP zones.

  Secondly, the Asia-Pacific business community to promote trade facilitation and reduce the operating costs of the Asia-Pacific region. ABAC representatives to actively participate in and promote each of the two five-year period "Trade Facilitation Action Plan" to achieve the overall cost of trade within the region to reduce by 5% every five years. 2010, Asia-Pacific business community to participate in the development of the "supply chain interoperability framework" aims in the region in 2015 Supply Chain Performance Index increased by 10%.

  Third, the Asia-Pacific business community to strengthen financial cooperation and innovation, and promote common prosperity area. Chinese businessmen on cross-border capital flows excessive regulation, an important issue for the international monetary system reform, reform of the international credit rating system submitted a number of proposals and research reports, mostly ABAC year included a letter submitted to the APEC leaders, reports and report summary obtain APEC leaders spoke highly of.

  Reporter: China CCPIT in promoting the business community to participate in APEC affairs plays what role?

  Jiang Zengwei: China CCPIT is China APEC Business activities lead unit, responsible for organizing the Chinese business community to participate in the process of all-round cooperation in APEC. Starting in 2000, CCPIT delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs are organized each year to attend the APEC CEO Summit, and is responsible for organizing the 2001 Shanghai APEC CEO Summit. Beginning in 2004, ABAC Secretariat is located in China CCPIT, CCPIT actively promote the Chinese business community by ABAC deeply involved in APEC cooperation in various fields. CCPIT by organizing a series of activities to promote the business sector deeper and wider participation in APEC activities. August 2013, China CCPIT led the establishment of APEC China Business Council, the business community is deeply involved in the development of China Asia-Pacific economic and trade rules, expand international trade provides a convenient mechanism for cooperation, but also reflects the Chinese business community to assume international responsibility positive attitude.

  Reporter: How do the current preparations for the 2014 APEC CEO Summit?

  Jiang Zengwei: As the lead department responsible for the preparations for the summit, China CCPIT is currently working hard to do all the work preparation.

  One, well-designed theme. For positive responses to this APEC meeting, "to build a future-oriented partnership between Asia" theme and the three key issues, we will be the summit theme of "New Vision Asia: innovation, connectivity, integration, and prosperity."

  Second, careful to invite participants. When we invite attendees, both quantity and quality, both country and industry representation from the current statistical data, delegates of size, grade, to participate in and influence are unprecedented. Has confirmed that more than 1,200 participating companies and organizations, 20 economies and other 17 countries and regions from the APEC. Of which 130 Fortune 500 companies.

  Third, well-designed Summit Outcome. Our achievements in the design of the summit, in addition to customary release "2014 APEC CEO Survey Report", will also release "Chinese businessmen to participate in the APEC process Blue Book" and "Chinese business community to participate in APEC cooperation issues Guide (2014)," two an outcome document.