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2014APEC create innovative driving force of an upgraded version
Source:China Trade News Network | Author:wxyanyang | Published time: 2014-11-12 | 1123 Views | Share:
    2014APEC open China moment, Beijing once again the global attention.
    November 9 to 10, 2014APEC CEO Summit held in Beijing.
    "President Xi Jinping in the" pursuit of sustainable development Build Asia-Pacific Dream "at least eight times a keynote speech talking about 'innovation the driving force.' Innovation the driving force can be understood from both hard and soft, so-called soft, that innovation from the ideology improve the company's core values;.. so-called hard, that innovation from the corporate governance structure reform is the starting point for all issues, companies must break through the bottleneck of their own development, the fundamental way out is innovation, "Beijing Jia Heng investment Management Limited chairman and AIU Kim Suk, president of the summit site to accept the "China Trade News" reporter, said.
    Kim Suk said the world industrial structure occurs at an alarming rate changes, Chinese enterprises to capture and hold the future driving force of innovation, which is the key to successful transformation and upgrading.
Boost business transformation and upgrading
    After experiencing rapid growth of more than 30 years of reform and opening up about 10 percent, China is at a crossroads of sustainable development, in a "phase shift" in China's economy in the long-term future is likely to speed development stage. This shift, in essence, is determined by China's industrial structure and posture.
    Analysts believe that both the central top-level design, or local governments and enterprises, based on the industrial base and the actual situation in different regions, to find innovative path of development, production and business model for China's economy by leaps and bounds impetus imminent.
    Kim Suk that, under the background of increasing global competition, in "The World is Flat," the opportunities brought by China's enterprises face the challenge of how to achieve a breakthrough from good towards excellence, entrepreneurs have been thinking issue. Before we talk about innovation alone, alone for the driving force, and now, we should be the driving force of innovation and together, innovation is the driving force of a word. Future, innovation is the driving force of the Chinese enterprises will be the best way to achieve a breakthrough.
    "Entrepreneurs should take a global perspective plan and promote innovation, and strive to achieve superiority in the field, major breakthroughs in key technologies, forming a group to promote industrial development of the core technology as soon as possible." Kim Suk special mention business model innovation that business model innovation having a system aggregation effect. Aggregation effect across time and space is a complex economic effects the body through a network to share information, knowledge, technology, talent, capital and other resources formation. As management guru, father of modern management Peter Drucker said: "The competition in the future competitiveness of enterprises is not a product, nor is it competitive goods and services, but competitive business model." Only the driving force of innovation and integration in order to achieve in line with market needs business model innovation, effectively enhance sustainable competitive advantage.
Accelerate breakthroughs in cultural trade
    Chinese companies need innovation the driving force of China's cultural trade also need to achieve new breakthroughs.
    Kim Suk believes that its core is the traditional Chinese culture, "going out", the advantages of foreign culture "bringing in."
    Statistics show that over the next five years, China imported goods accumulated to more than 10 trillion US dollars, the number of outbound tourism will be over 500 million people. Asia-Pacific and the world to China's development opportunities and benefits are enormous, bringing lasting and unlimited business opportunities.
    "Outbound tourism will undoubtedly drive the realization of cultural trade." Kim Suk expressed.
    "Specific to the terms of the enterprise level, the importance of cultural creativity is self-evident, creativity has become the leading driving force of modern economic growth." Creative World Cultural Information Ltd chairman Dr Zhang Jie believes that to accelerate establish foreign cultural exchanges new ideas, to build a modern cultural market system and increase efforts to expand foreign cultural market. Whether it is animation products, or other cultural products should be market-oriented to produce, market acceptance to survive. The university professor papers and other works of art, if there is no demand and innovation, ultimately, become a "cultural heritage", was shelved.
    Beijing Zhengyang world International Culture Media Co. Chief Executive Officer Xu Junping that the Earth is getting smaller, more and more closely link the countries, the role of culture in the field of trade will increase. Through international complementary interactive multi-level channels to broaden thinking Chinese cultural construction; by "Please come," "go out" to speed up the construction of China's expanding cultural space, speed up the pace of China's cultural trade development. Culture, as a kind of soft power is an important part of a country's core competitiveness, its spread will enhance China's influence in the world economic system.