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Way of promoting international trade statistics senses
Source:China Economic Net (Beijing) | Author:wxyanyang | Published time: 2014-11-12 | 1106 Views | Share:

During this APEC informal leadership meeting, deputy director of the APEC Study Center of Nankai University Liuchenyang accept the "Economic Daily" reporters that the traditional trade statistics will be included in the final product trade in the exporting country, but in the global value chain truly eligible few developing countries benefit. Therefore, research links in the value chain, the urgent need to promote international trade statistics senses.

Q: What is the status currently involved in APEC member economies in global value chains?

A: The degree of APEC member economies to participate in global value chains different. The most obvious feature is that the developed economies to control the design, development and marketing of value-creating the ultimate key, while developing economies mostly plays "processing plant" and the role of "manufacturing base", relying on labor resource endowment, mainly responsible for intermediate goods processing, assembly areas, and therefore can only get meager processing costs, benefit from international trade declined. Such a division of labor determines the main benefits of participation in global value chains division obtained by the developed economies, developing economies are still at the low end or the end of the value chain.

Currently, East Asia, the highest participation in global value chains in areas close to the level of developed economies, higher than in other developing and transition economies. Nevertheless, earnings from the East Asian economies in the international division of labor and trade in recent years has significantly reduced trend. Exports, increase the value of the proportion rising from abroad, imports of intermediate goods is highly dependent on foreign, domestic value creation capacity is weak, and thus limited benefit from the division of labor in the value chain.

Q: The current unreasonable global trade statistics reflected in what areas?

A: As a global value chain an important part of trade statistics directly reflects a country in the global value chain income. For a long time, trade accounting general rule is included in the final product will trade in the exporting country, but the real value chain curve, design and sale of part of the most profitable, most low-end manufacturing sectors has assumed the most recognized in the amount of trade.

In the United States, the United States imported products, 25-30% of the product, if traced, or Made in the USA, these products belong to the United States or overseas manufacturing, or belong to local manufacturing. The so-called trade deficit statistics to cover up its high earnings in the division of labor in the global value chain. Vice versa, some developing economies are not a true reflection of the huge trade surplus in its true benefits of international trade. Apple mobile phone production value chain, for example, its development and ultimate sale of part of the design is the most profitable areas, China and other countries did not undertake OEM Apple phone value chain from the real benefit, but saddled with the name of a way to make money only.

Therefore, the study should be a statistical point of global value chains return to reason, to reveal the true status of each member in the global value chain.

Q: how to promote international trade statistics to return to reason, in order to truly reflect the economies in the global value chain benefit situation?

A: I think, APEC members to make some adjustments to deal with the traditional way of trade statistics, will increase the value of domestic exports included as one measure of the value chain division. This part of the added value of a country's real income reflects the value chain division acquired closer trade facts. Comparison of East Asia's major economies to increase the value of domestic exports of changes can be found in most East Asian economies export, the share of domestic value added in the reduction Correspondingly, these economies are still at the low end position in the international trade division of labor.
   It is commendable that this meeting has already reached a cooperation to promote global value chains and many new consensus. "Promoting the development of global value chains in Asia Pacific strategic blueprint" "APEC trade value added strategic framework for accounting in the global value chain" and the core content of the two initiatives will be included in the Declaration of APEC leaders. This is APEC innovative initiatives in the areas of trade accounting system, can be extended to other regions of the world in Asia after the implementation of the FTA. At the same time, APEC members also continue to promote research related trade computing model based on the existing promote international trade statistics on the way to return to reason and calculation of statistical methods. Reasonable way trade statistics will have a profound impact on international trade flows, and to promote the rational allocation of global resources, promote the development of new knowledge in the economic weight of its position in the global value chain, in order to continuously improve its innovation and research capacity, the value chain the climb.